What we offer

How do you make sure my property is being taken care of by the tenant?

We schedule periodic inspection of the unit make sure everything is in compliance, A/C filters are changed and smoke detector batteries are operational. Also is we were to make any repairs or service calls our technicians are trained to notify us of any uninhabitable living or conditions that will affect the property’s well-being.

There are many advantages to having a property manager handle the maintenance and repairs of your property. Property Managers will get professional quality work done at a less expensive rate than the general public and perform preventative maintenance to ensure lower costs. The savings are directly passed to the property owner. There is also in-house maintenance for general repairs, and a 24/7 emergency hotline for those late night repairs that must be taken care of.

Property Management Fees are tax deductible just as property taxes, repair costs and mortgage interest. Please refer to your tax professional for details.

To begin management of your property we will need the following:

  • Executed Property Management Agreement
  • Keys to the property, including mail box keys, garage door openers, gate access, etc.
  • If the property was built prior to 1978, a signed lead based paint disclosure.
  • Proof of ownership.
  • Ledger of any past due amounts.

American Management Group is a full service property management company is Southern Florida and specializes in the managing, leasing, of simple-family homes, condominiums, and apartments. We manage properties in Pembroke Pines, Miramar, Weston, and many other cities throughout South Florida.

We pride ourselves at being expert property managers with the ability to turn around underperforming properties and accustomed to managing to maximize return on investment, which is more important than ever in today’s difficult economy.

Our vision is to create a property management firm that is always professional and brings to its’ clients the expertise and knowledge required to stay ahead in the field of management.

  1. General Administration: The Manager will provide general administrative and management services to the Association, and will exercise proper liaison and supervision with respect to the Association’s matters to ensure proper operational management and maintenance, and to promote a meaningful Board/Resident/Agent relationship.

Among the activities and services provided are:

  1. Maintenance of Association Files
  2. Communications with Membership
  3. Association’s Website Maintenance
  4. Property Inspections
  5. Enforcement of Rules
  6. Assistance to Board of Directors
  7. General Membership Meeting
  8. All Repairs and Maintenance such as plumbing, landscaping, roofs repairs, gates keeping and software, and other services, except security, is done by our Employees and hired State licensed and insured Contractors
  9. Contact with State and Country Authorities, including the Fire Department
  10. Close Working Relationship with the Association’s lawyer in ALL matters affecting the Association.

Accounting will establish an accounting system and provide financial management services to the Association as follows:

  1. Annual Budget
  2. Owner monthly statements indicating current, balance, late fees, etc.
  3. Monthly report of delinquency notices, liens, and attorney’s progress
  4. Monthly balance Sheet (Interim/Unaudited)
  5. Monthly Operating expense analysis
  6. Monthly report of accounts receivable balances (Aging)
  7. General Ledger
  8. Monthly payroll register, if applicable
  9. Budget to Actual Report
  10. Year-end statements for distribution to all owners
  11. Income tax preparation to assist the association’s CPA
  12. Reconciled bank statement(s)
  13. Cash receipts
  14. Accounts payable report
  15. Year-End Statements & Taxes (Prepared by Certified Public Accountant)
  16. Collection of Assessments
  17. Disbursements and Payments to Vendors
  18. Signature of Checks Two signatures would be required on all checks, both signatures being that of individuals so designated by the Board.

American Management Group. will not accept cash assessments (currency) payments from owners

  1. American Management Group we would solicit and analyze bids for necessary insurance coverage to the extent obtainable, with insurance carriers selected by the association, in such amounts as the Association shall designate in writing.

Financial Administration

  • Payment of the Condominium Monthly
  • Send the Mortgage Payments
  • Pay the Utility Payments; Telephone, Electricity, Water, Cable, etc.
  • Pre-qualify and Check references of the new Tenants
  • Run and Analyze the New tenants Credit Report
  • Research tenants Evictions History
  • Interview and Discuss the Rental Contract and the Condo or Home Owners Association’s Rules & Regulations (Normally Interview)
  • Rent Collection
  • Coordinate the Eviction Process on behalf of the Owner, if Needed. All Evictions Recorded in Public Data Base
  • Review Interior Property Insurances
  • Review the Condo or HOAs Insurance
  • Pay Property Taxes Yearly
  • Review the Year and Escrow Analysis
  • Provide the Owner a Periodic Monthly Statements Online & Mail
  • Handle the Relationship with the Condo/Homeowner Association and the Owner
  • Handle the Relationship with the Condo/Homeowner Association and the Tenant
  • Investigate complaints, disturbances and violations and resolve problems following management rules and regulations
  • Inspect grounds, facilities, and equipment routinely to determine necessity of repairs or maintenance
  • Solicit and analyze bids from contractors for repairs, renovations, and maintenance
  • Plan, schedule, and coordinate general maintenance, major repairs, and remodeling or construction projects for commercial or residential properties
  • Maintain records of sales, rental or usage activity, special permits issued, maintenance and operating costs, or property availability.
  • Meet with prospective tenants to show properties, explain terms of occupancy, and provide information about local areas.
  • Manage and oversee operations, maintenance, administration, and improvement of commercial, industrial or residential properties.
  • Direct collection of monthly assessments, rental fees, and deposits and payment of insurance premiums, mortgage, taxes, and incurred operating expenses.
  • Purchase building and maintenance supplies, equipment, or furniture.
  • Review rents to ensure that they are in line with rental markets.
  • Prepare and administer contracts for provision of property services such as cleaning, maintenance, and security services.
  • Maintain contact with insurance carriers, fire and police departments, and other agencies to ensure protection and compliance with codes and regulations.
  • Market vacant space to prospective tenants through leasing agents, advertising, or other methods
  • Prepare detailed budgets and financial reports for properties.
  • Determine and certify the eligibility of prospective tenants, following government regulations.
  • Negotiate the sale, lease, or development of property and complete or review appropriate documents and forms.
  • Act as liaisons between on-site managers or tenants and owners
  • Confer with legal authorities to ensure that renting and advertising practices are not discriminatory and that properties comply with state and federal regulations.
  • Confer regularly with community association members to ensure their needs are being met.
  • Clean common areas, change light bulbs, and make minor property repairs.
  • Meet with clients to negotiate management and service contracts, determine priorities, and discuss the financial and operational status of properties.
  • Contract with architectural firms to draw up detailed plans for new structures.
  • Negotiate with government leaders, businesses, special interest representatives, and utility companies to again support for new projects and to eliminate potential obstacles.
  • Meet with boards of directors and committees to discuss and resolve legal and environmental issues or disputes between neighbors.
  • Analyze information on property values, taxes, zoning, population growth, and traffic volume and patterns to determine if properties should be acquired.
  • Negotiate short-and long-term loans to finance construction and ownership of structures.
  • Work closely with the security company where applicable.