About Us

“Who we are”

Property Management 

We are a company offering full range of professional management services to homeowner and condominium communities.

Our success is based on consistently building outstanding relationship with Boards, Homeowners, and Contractors.

Our services include:

  • Residential Services
  • Administrative Services
  • Financial Services
  • Physical Property Services
  • Single-Family/Condos/Townhomes Management

         Why Choose Us?

American Property Management is pleased to have the opportunity to introduce our company and services. As specialists in the management of community homeowner’s associations, American Property Management has provided comprehensive, professional guidance for residential communities since 1980. Our team of certified managers, assistant managers, and support staff are dedicated to providing the highest quality service while catering to the unique needs of each individual community. We offer complete servicing in administration, financial management, and property maintenance and have implemented the latest technological advances in the management industry to solve the complex issues presented in today’s communities. When you select American Property Management, you select an entire team that is dedicated to serving the needs of your association. When needing the best remember to call us.

  • A History of Excellence in Property Management.
  • Customer Focused Property Management Solutions.
  • Effective Communication an increasingly more challenging & highly competitive field.
  • A Property Management Company that has your best interests in mind.

American offers a complete package of administrative services that will help your community operate smoothly and efficiently.

  • Files & Records Management – Well-organized and maintained record decrease response times for document requests and inquiries.
  • Organize Board & Member Meeting – Save time with properly organized board meeting. We prepare and disseminate notices, agendas, and all other pertinent documents for such meeting as set forth by the Florida Statutes.
  • Enforcement of Governing Documents – Consistent and fair interactions with the enforcement of governing documents. We monitor violations by owners and communicate with them until all matters are fully resolved.
  • Vendor Management – Gain access to American Preferred Vendor network and experience hassle free vendor management. We submit vendor proposals and bids to the board, negotiate a contract with the board’s choice, and monitor the performance of the hired vendor.

Financial & Accounting Services

  • Annual Audit – American recommends an independent CPA firm to conduct an annual audit, review or compilation of the Association’s finances.
  • Budgeting Process – American prepares the preliminary budget for the coming year for the Association’s annual budget meeting. We then incorporate all changes approved by the Board and provide the Association with a final budget, including reserve schedules.
  • Delinquency Assessment – Timely notification to owners and the Board of any delinquency. We respond quickly as directed by the Association’s guidelines. When appropriate, we will pursue delinquencies in tandem with Association counsel.

Maintenance & Janitorial Services

  • Maintenance – American maintenance program includes such services as painting, pressure cleaning, irrigation repairs and carpet cleaning. We believe that regularly scheduled maintenance is the key to ensuring that all Association equipment is in excellent condition. Our work order system ensures timely completion of maintenance tasks.
  • Janitorial – American provides a janitorial service that makes sure your community looks its best. Our staff cleans clubhouse, recreational areas, catwalks, interior hallways, lobbies, laundry rooms, meeting rooms, bathrooms and any others common area facilities.
  • Vendor Supervision – Over 30 years of vendor relationships help us to recommend properly insured and guaranteed services that provide high quality work at reasonable rates. We recommend known vendor and help negotiate contracts under the board’s direction. We oversee progress until completion to assure your Association’s satisfaction.

Community Association Landscaping Service

  • Landscape design strategy – both short and long term
  • Beautification Plan
  • Customized maintenance programs
  • Plant disease and damage control
  • Knowledge of local, city country, and state requirements
  • 24-hour response to storm damage

Provide Personalized Service

Every association and board is unique – there is no “one-size fits all” solution. Our experienced team invest the time and energy necessary to truly understand the needs of your community and board. This personalized attention has proven successful.

Align our goals with our Clients

When we help your board achieve their goals, our success follows. We provide information and guidance based on how to best serve the goals of your community.

Be Responsive and Reliable in Time of Need

When problems arise, you need a responsive manager with access to resources that can address the problem immediately. American prides itself in being there for our clients in their time of need. Whether it’s fixing roof, dealing with a delinquent homeowner, hiring a contractor, securing a bank loan, resolving violations, cleaning up after a hurricane, restoring a unit after a fire or administrating a special assessment. Our size and longevity has provided us the experience to handle any situation.

We ensure properties operate smoothly and enhance their return on investment. That is why property owners depend on to help achieve their profitability goals.

Property managers are hands-on with the daily operations of all properties, giving top priority to providing owners with real-time information through custom financial reports and personal communication.

By serving as the owner representative of a property, we are able to successfully and proactively manage all facets of cash flow, day-to-day operation and tenant relations

Residential Property Management

If you are a property owner and are renting out a property, that property is an investment. The key to any investment is to reduce risk exposure, lower costs, be effective and efficient. If you are a first time investor, it may not be immediately evident how much time it takes to are a first time investor, it may not be immediately evident how much time it takes to successfully manage a property. Even as a seasoned landlord you may think you have the necessary components to self-manage things only to find out it’s a bit more complicated.

Properties require commitment when dealing with the back and of the operations like bookkeeping. Filing legal documents, collecting rent, portfolio management, supervising repairs, being on-call, etc. Time is valuable and some landlords may have 1or several rental properties; however, they are still maintaining a 9-5 job. Have you ever thought about how you will be two places at once? Having a Property manager will give you the time to pursue other money making opportunities. Property Managers have systems in place to immediately address issues that arise to ensure tenant satisfaction which will encourage a longer tenancy and reduce vacancy to save you money.

How are maintenance requests handled?

The tenants may call in, fax or email their requests to us. After we are in receipt, the property manager then contacts the tenant to ask certain questions for an over the phone assessment. Before your money is spent on a service fee and a service technician is sent out, we make sure it isn’t a problem that can be fixed over the phone (i.e. tripped breaker, reset button on garbage disposal).

We are able to fulfill most request within 1-3 business days; however, comfort items like water heater or air conditioning receive the highest priority and are addressed the same or next day. We have an available hotline 24/7 to deal with emergencies so no request goes untended.

How am I assured my property manager won’t spend my money or large repairs without my consent?

In our agreement we have a limits on the amount of funds that can be spent without the owner’s approval. Any repairs/maintenance below that amount will be taken care of without notification. In cases where the health and/or safety of a tenant is jeopardized, further damage can be incurred if not immediately addressed, and only one options is available to repair the issue, the property manager will initiate the work without owner’s approval.

Overall, we are here to serve you in any way we can!  We are here to make your Association better!

Portfolio Managers

What’s in Your Portfolio?

Problem solving can be challenge for any type of board

Portfolio managers work with many boards—some disparate, some cohesive. Some are better at solving problems and making decisions than others. What kind of decision-makers are in your portfolio? Do you work with board members who oversimplify problems to make them easier to deal with, board members who bicker because it’s too this or too that. Come back to those discussions later in the process.

Don’t let board members eliminate choice because they believe they’re unattainable. Rather than saying “that’s impossible,” explore ways to achieve the solution anyway. If a problem among the board may be sufficient to broaden their attitudes.

Remind boards to consider the risks inherent in each solution. Identifying unlikely drawbacks requires some creative thinking, but it also contributes to a good outcome. Include this question when talking to the experts.